Depending on your needs, our focus may lie anywhere in between the very core of your application and the people working with the application.

Interactive testing of your domain

We explore what quality means to you, how it reflects in your explicit and implicit requirements and in your applications under test. We have experience in various business domains and are known to hit the ground running from the first day of testing. We can add value to your projects even with limited documentation and under chaotic circumstances. We provide systematic coverage of your application’s functional and operational requirements.

Usability testing

Usability decides the first impression that the user will form about your application, which is vitally important when you have competition. In a perfect application, the end-user knows how to complete a task from the very first glimpse. We can test your application in the way the end-user will perceive it and expect it to behave by analyzing learnability, ease of use and accessibility for all kinds of applications and prototypes. We provide suggestions to improve usability where it is lacking, as well as usability bugs that only appear on certain browsers.

Web Security Testing

In modern software, static analysis is not enough to uncover mistakes of complex origin. We can hack your web applications before someone else does. Our approach differs from many competitors in that where others claim the job to be done after running “automated detection tools” (tools that detect common vulnerabilities), we keep on going. We rely on our extensive knowledge of attack patterns and their variations to attack your applications and their users in a safe test environment. We provide you with a comprehensive analysis of attacks that could break through your application’s defenses, as well as of those that could not. This enables you, either as a client or a developer, to protect your customer data and protect your servers.

Performance Testing

We can test how your applications, websites or APIs perform when put under heavy simulated user load so that you can optimize your app, prevent break-downs and ensure scalability. Our advantage lies in creating realistic stress profiles by exploring the typical workflows of your users, as well as determining how your application handles unexpected spikes of use. This allows us to provide comprehensive understanding of how your application performs under load, as well as performance testing scripts that can act as a benchmark for further releases.

Test Automation

We can help ensure that new features can cope with existing ones and greatly reduce the time consumed by repetitive testing through tooling. We build automated testing solutions for Web-UIs, APIs and pretty much everything else. Depending on your requirements, we can create record-and-playback scripts, construct custom automation frameworks or anything in between. We provide you with reusable and maintainable test automation code that is built according to your requirements.


Sometimes, a client brings us in to audit their testing process. In this case, we determine whether their process meets some provided criteria. Other times we offer our advice to collaboratively create or improve your testing and QA processes. The optimal testing solution depends on your resources (i.e how many testers are at your service) and needs (i.e nature of your product, business domain, clients).


Sometimes it makes sense to train up your in-house staff. Because of our extensive knowledge and natural charm, we can jump in and lay on you the wisdom you crave to make your people more effective. We have trained testers of all levels, from rookie to top dog.

And everything in between

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